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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finished the Rifle

Well, after several weeks of effort I have finished the custom rifle project, at least until I feel confident with my checkering skills enough to do the checkering! I had to replace the original scope rings I purchased with ones that where windage adjustable after attempting to laser-bore sight in the rifle and finding I ran out of windage adjustment on the scope it self before I got zeroed in. Flipping the rings around and trading their places didn't help.

I took the rifle out and did some test shooting with the original rings dialed in as good as I could get and found that at 100 yards I had to hold about 4 inches to the right to get a bullseye, this is what prompted me to get the new scope rings. With the new rings I was able to adjust enough to get about 16 clicks (4 inches) of additional adjustment room with the scope zeroed, and, they aren't as high as the sight-through rings I was originally using so the rifle fits better in its case.

At the range I got several nice comments on the rifle and after posting the before and after shots on POTN (a Canon photography site) one fellow lamented that I wasn't closer to him so I could do one for him. Of course once he could see the price tag he might sing a different tune!

Anyway, here is a before and after shot with the original rings. I will post some target shooting results once I can get back out to the range now that I can pull a proper zero using the laser-bore sight.

For a complete description of everything I did, look here: