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Monday, September 08, 2014

Status of Home Lab

Well, all the equipment is stacked onto a heavy duty plastic storage shelf. I will probably retrieve my wire rack from Atlanta next time I am through there. Of course if anyone wants to donate a computer rack (even a half-rack would do) I would be willing to consider it…J

When I unpacked the FC switch I realized they hadn’t included GBICs so I had to order some off Ebay. In addition the FC optical cables I had were the wrong type so I had to order more. Looking at the small SAN I purchased I discovered it is using a serial connection rather than a Ethernet so I ordered the appropriate adapter…from Hong Kong. Unfortunately it came with a 230 v power adapter (not even dual voltage) so I had to order a new power supply. The serial-to-Ethernet adapter also had a male plug as does the SAN, so back to Ebay for a female-to-female adapter. Hopefully by tomorrow all these various cables, adapters and power supplies will have arrived and I can finally start configuring the system.

At least all the KVA cables worked (Keyboard-Video Adapter interface) and I can talk to both servers from the same touchpad/ keyboard and Monitor. The servers come with a minimal install of Windows Server 8, unfortunately it seems someone has set a password. Luckily I am blowing the whole OS setup away on both servers and installing Oracle Linux, so the lack of a Windows password really doesn’t bother me that much.

Once everything is up I get to set up the network (2-1GB Enet switches, one for general networking between the operator, servers, FC switch and SAN and the interconnect, set of the 4GB SAN switch for proper zoning, format and configure the SAN and then configure the OS on the servers and install Oracle.

I’ll keep you posted.

I am also doing an All-Flash-Array (AFA) testing setup at work for the IDC based testing. We are looking at setting up VDBench through Windows to test the IBM FlashSystem 840 in accordance with the IDC guidelines and then having the setup and generated setup documentation available so any client can use the guidelines for testing to satisfy them we aren’t using smoke and mirrors in our claims for performance of the FS840. I will post any lessons learned for that as I experience them.

This weekend I split and stacked about a cord of wood here at Sunset Cove for the basement woodstove in case the projections that this will be another record snow year for Tennessee, North Carolina and points North comes true. Luckily I have a hydraulic splitter that made quick work of the actual splitting, but the loading, unloading and stacking still had to be done by hand.  Also had to adjust the brakes and clutch on the tractor and buy a new battery for it. The clutch still needs a tweak as the Power-Takeoff (PTO) isn’t disengaging properly when the clutch is fully depressed.

Looks like next weekend I get to pick more pears. Since the apple crop this year was a bit disappointing I guess instead of hard cider I will make what they call Peary which is Pear Cider. I made five gallons of hard apple cider last year but it only lasted until half-way through the winter, so to make enough for it to last until the next crop comes in I guess I will have to do 10-15 gallons which will be around three bushels of pears. If I can get it setup next weekend then it can ferment for the three weeks I am going to be gone to OOW, Edge and vacation. Then I will have just enough time to filter it and bottle it before the relatives show up for the Punkin Chunkin in late October. If you have never seen a Punkin Chunkin, check it out online, there is probably one near you. Essentially you build the best punkin throwing device you can envision then compete for distance, last year 900 yards was the winning distance.

The gardens need to be tilled under as we are getting the last of the tomatoes and cucumbers now. Luckily I have a yard service that will do that for me. I’ll have them weed wack the gardens to grade then till the plants under and then place some of that weed-block fabric over the top to kill off any weeds that want to try a comeback. In a few weeks we’ll plant the winter garden items.

The hydroponics setups are still languishing in the greenhouse, afraid I haven’t had a chance to get the lower well re-lined and I need a good supply of water to do them properly and about 6 weeks of non-travel so I can monitor the ammonia and nitrate levels daily to get the biologics established on the growth media, then you put in the Tilapia and get the nitrate cycle going and then start growing some leafy vegetables like Lettice, Kale, Boc choy or even good old spinach. Maybe later I will look at vertical gardening techniques to do something more dense.

Of course deer season is just around the corner and I have that new platform stand to put together down overlooking the Orchard. I spent several weeks trying to figure out where the deer where last year only to realize they were busy raiding the orchard for low-hanging and windfall fruit. Since it is near the road I will need to use archery only. That reminds me, have to tune the new compound bow and adjust the draw length to allow for my d-loop and trigger as well as sight in the black powder and deer rifles and check that the crossbow is still sighted in as well.

Then there is also the ongoing work with my half ownership in the Wherehouse of Murphy, an art gallery and hand-made item, antique and general merchandise store. We also do free concerts, Yoga and art classes. Luckily I am mostly a silent partner and Joy Stein handles most of that for us.

Did I mention I am also writing the third book in the Rex Franklin series? Yep, Rex is installing a Tsunami warning system in the Turks and Caicos when he gets roped into helping out his least favorite ex-boss fetch a fortune in emeralds from a Spanish wreck….

Also toying with writing a book on Oracle AWR Analysis, in my spare time.

Add into that the travel and full-time work load of IBM and it rounds out my schedule nicely.

No rest for the wicked I guess. And people wonder why I laugh when they ask “But Mike if you retired what would you do with yourself?”