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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Get What You Pay For

Believe it or not I have been accused of being a writer. I try to ignore this terrible slander. However I have been known to sneak into an occasional writers seminar or the occasional presentation at a Con event (such as LibertyCon, DragonCon or ChattaCon not some anonymous meeting of ex-criminals.) Now if it is a free event you pretty much get whatever they want to give you. However, if I have paid for the privilege of being lectured by Joe (or Joan) Author and they are supposed to provide specific services I like to get what I paid for.

To whit, critiques of works in progress. Usually seminars provide critiques of work in progress, work you did at the seminar or perhaps a pitch or proposal you created. I guess I have to agree with my wife (please don't revoke my man card, but after nearly 43 years of marriage I have found she is right, even when she isn't.) that I tend to do two things:

    1. Not stand up for myself
    2. Let other people walk all over me

Now I guess those two are closely related. I tend to believe I pick my battles, if it isn't going to make a difference in five years is it that important? Anyway I have found I tend to allow the other seminar attendants to go first. I like to think I am being tactical, figuring out who gives the best comments, to whom I should pay attention and who has spent too much time alone with their cats. Have you noticed most female writers seem to be inordinately fond of cats? What this results in is that I end up being critiqued near the end of the seminar.

Now, if all things where even and fair each attendee would get exactly the same amount of time. For the most part the seminar leaders do try to be fair. However many times they are up against hard stops or if there are guest speakers, the guest speaker's schedules. It seems no matter what I try, I end up at the end of the day or coming up against a secondary speaker. I even completely switched my seating around in one seminar, only to have the leader reverse the order.

So, from now on, in future seminars I will the first with my hand raised (or however they say to indicate preference) to volunteer to be foisted on my own petard (whatever the heck a petard is, and no it is not the latest Captain of the Enterprise, that was Picard.) So I hope by being more direct and forceful I can get my fair share of criticism. Hmmm....that sounds not quite right. Anyway it will also mean I get to respond to the criticism.

You see at the seminar I most recently attended they made several comments and questions about my work, but then when I was supposed to get to respond, the guest speaker showed up and I wasn't able to explain how I was correct and they were not (well, they were wrong on some of the facts they were sure of...) anyway I fell that they should make way for the paying clients not the free guests. Besides, the guest spent most of the time talking about her cats, if I want that I will peruse Facebook.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Time marches on...

Where does it go? It was October since my last post. Of course trips to Orlando, Tampa, Cannes, France, A week long cruise, San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham and Honk Kong took a bit of time away. I am making slow progress on the home cluster. I finally was able to pick up a half-height cabinet to house it in. Now I just need to get some rails, I need two more sets.

My biggest problem has been getting Oracle Linux to install, seems you need a Linux install to create a Linux install disk from the ISO...or maybe I am just getting too old to deal with it...

If anyone has a OLE install disk they want to send me I would appreciate it!

Reached one of those milestones, I am officially old enough to withdraw from my 401K without penalty tax. Don't know if that is good thing or not!

Published another Novella titled "The Emerald Curse" the third in a series with my Hero Rex Franklin. IN this one he gets pulled into a search for Spanish treasure while installing a tsunami warning network in the Turks and Caicos. You can see it here:

The Emerald Curse

I am still trying to decide if I should self-publish, look into Kindle Scout program or try traditional publishing with the first book in my new series: Suppressors: The Shattering. It posits a world where magic is and always has been real, but it is being suppressed and what happens when this suppression begins to breakdown...

Made it through this years snow fall had to drive in from Atlanta on Friday night just following the storm in. Had a few minor scares coming over the hills into Helen, Ga and down the mountain on the other side but nothing I couldn't handle. Then we just hunkered down up here in Sunset Cove until the snow melted. The driveway and roads are all clear now.

Well, as I make more progress on the cluster I will post. God bless.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marie's Book Finished

Well, we finished up Marie's book and I think it turned out very well. As I promised here is a link. The finished title is "Ghost Stories and Legends of Murphy, NC" and it is available on CreateSpace and Amazon. If you like ghost stories and legends this book is a must read.


Have a look, download it for free if you are a Kindle Prime user!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Ghost and History Walk

I helped my daughter get some photos for a book she is doing about the Legends and Ghosts of Murphy. Four hours of walking around and taking pictures of various places and things in town that are involved with the stories she has collected. It should be great! I will post a link as soon as she gets it together and we publish on CreateSpace.

The book is in support of a Ghost and History walk we are trying to pull together for October and November for the Wherehouse of Murphy, come on by and sign up!

Got my Book Back

My contract with Black Rose Writing has run out and I received the rights to the book back. They also allowed me to purchase the files, cover art and such cleansed of their logos. This made republishing the book under CreatSpace a snap and the book was re-published as a second edition in less than 3 days.

My biggest issue with Black Rose Writing was the price point they placed on my book. "Prelude to Darkness" is a 250 page book and they placed a $17.95 price on it. People just will not buy that expensive a book unless it is in the 300-400 page or longer range. I put the book up for a price point of $9.99 which could have been less except it would have generated negative returns in some of the expanded markets.


Anyway I hope that people will find the book more accessible at this new price point.

I am attending the New York Pitch conference this month and hope to sell my new book "The Suppressors" about the premise that magic is and always has been real but a group known as the Dark Adepts has been suppressing it using suppressor portals, but what happens when their network begins to break down allowing wild magic? I also have book three of my Rex Franklin series with Rex installing a tsunami warning network in the Turks and Caicos and getting pulled into a search for lost Spanish emeralds  just about ready if they allow you to pitch more than one maybe I will pull it out as well!

I will be traveling to Ft Worth, New York, Raleigh, Orlando, Cannes France and then going on a cruise all before Thanksgiving. Something tells me I will be ready for the holiday downtime.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Heading Home

Well, this is my last day away from home. I've been on the road to SNIA-DSI conference, Oracle Collaborate Conference and vacation. It will be good to get back home. I really enjoyed fishing with my father and brother even if we didn't catch our limit. I am also seriously looking into the gasifier I got a chance to see in action for the Wherehouse in Murphy, both to offset energy costs and to sell.

Stopped by the kids place in Kingston Georgia, work is progressing nicely and they should be able to move in soon. We will take Susan's Mom  out for lunch today then head on up to home.

I plan on concentrating on getting the 12c cluster up and running next week. Of course Open World, EDGE and another SNIA event are coming up as well as trips to the Midwest and New York as well as California. Of well, travel so fast old age can't catch ya I guess!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

This Week

Just finished attending SNIA-DSI conference in Santa Clara, California. Next week it is off to IOUG Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas. So a busy time. I was able to attend several presentations about flash, testing and futures. I also was able to visit Calypso who makes a great testing platform for SSDs and flash, if you have SSDs or flash to test, I suggest you look them up(https://calypsotesters.com/).

I presented to day on implementing IDC testing guidelines using VDBench. Unfortunately since I was in the last time slot on the last day I only had a few attendees but they asked many questions and seemed to enjoy the presentation.

Tomorrow evening I am attending an open house at All Power Labs (http://www.allpowerlabs.com/) who knows, if I like what I see I may contact a unit for my retirement home. They manufacture a 20 KW biomass fueled gasifier that power a generator. I looked at a 15-20KW solar option but it is very pricey at $80k (with batteries).

Well, that is about all for now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Progress...Sort of!

Well it has been a while since my last post, I have been working with the components of my RAC setup and got the passwords for the servers, and the HP SanSwitch, plugged in the SFPs/GBICs and have been battling with the switch ever since. Indications are that the switch is malfunctioning. When I run a minicycle command it tells me the switch is faulted but I can’t find the component that is causing the fault indication. It appears the actual port controller may be bad. Anyway, for $90 bucks I will toss it and get a new 4gb IBM switch for $140 with a 8 port license. Hopefully I will get the switch Monday and then I will finally get to see if the 5TB MediaVault storage system is working.

Once I get everything working I will look into going over to Oracle Linux on the servers and then load up Oracle12C. I will continue to report on my progress.

I attended IBM Interconnect and a writing conference since my last post. I have also finished the first draft of my next fiction book “The Suppressors” and contributed 2 chapters to a new Oracle trouble shooting book. Of course I have also been traveling with the job and staying busy at Sunset Cove. I helped my oldest daughter put in some raised beds for growing plants (well, we started anyway!).

I also am very happy to say my fifth grandchild, Evelyn Joy Bojczuk, was born 3/21/2015 at 1:25 in the morning. 6 pounds and 13 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Mother and baby are perfect.

Getting ready to head over to Raleigh to do some webcast recordings and week after next off to SNIA in Santa Clara and then EDGE in Las Vegas. After that it is a week fishing with my Father and Brother. Meanwhile my property manager will be cleaning up the storm and snow damage at Sunset Cove and will be preparing the upper and lower gardens for planting. The Asian pears, apple and pear trees are all blossoming and spring is finally here!