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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Got a New Book Out, other writing news

I just realized I hadn't blogged abut my new book. I have published book two in the World In Darkness series, entitled: When Darkness Comes. The book picks up where book one left us, with the Lowmans all back together, but not for long! Hope you enjoy this post grid down post apocalyptic adventure.

I am also pursuing a screenplay with my Suppressors series. In speaking with a producer he felt it would make a great TV series. So here goes...of course much like Arthur C. Clarks The Sentinel was the germ of the idea that triggered the entire 2001 A Space Odyssey franchise, so is my first book in this series Suppressors: The Shattering  seemingly triggering an avalanche of ideas for series plots. I will try to keep you posted as this progresses.

I have also submitted my other books and few short stories from my Seeds of Wonder anthology for consideration as movies/TV series. Time will tell.

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