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Sunday, January 28, 2018


On most prepper boards you find a dichotomy when it comes to reloading ammunition. You have the die hard, have to do it, may not be able to buy it group and the don’t need it, buy preloaded, better quality in store bought group. I tend to side with the need it group. We are only one or two elections away from a democrat run house, senate and president which would be tough on ammo.

I see the way they will make guns useless is to run up the taxes and regulations on ammo. Maybe I just need to tighten my tin foil hat but trusting politicians with something as critical as the defense of my family is not in my nature.

I was finally able to get my reloading bench setup out in the shed today. Of course it has been a while since I reloaded so I will have to take it slow and careful the first couple of batches until I can get back in the rhythm. I usually load 9mm, 40cal and .38 special. I don’t shoot enough 7.62x39 or .223 or 5.56 to make it worthwhile but I do have the needed dies should I wish to do so. I also have dies for 7.62x59 and 8mm Mauser along with the needed size primers, bullets and type powder

Anyway, I will take some shots (with a camera)when I do some reloading and put out a how-to when I get back into it. Keep your powder dry!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Got a New Book Out, other writing news

I just realized I hadn't blogged abut my new book. I have published book two in the World In Darkness series, entitled: When Darkness Comes. The book picks up where book one left us, with the Lowmans all back together, but not for long! Hope you enjoy this post grid down post apocalyptic adventure.

I am also pursuing a screenplay with my Suppressors series. In speaking with a producer he felt it would make a great TV series. So here goes...of course much like Arthur C. Clarks The Sentinel was the germ of the idea that triggered the entire 2001 A Space Odyssey franchise, so is my first book in this series Suppressors: The Shattering  seemingly triggering an avalanche of ideas for series plots. I will try to keep you posted as this progresses.

I have also submitted my other books and few short stories from my Seeds of Wonder anthology for consideration as movies/TV series. Time will tell.

Status at 1/24/2018

Well, finally got the first server up and running and ready to install Oracle. Of course now I am at the stage where I have to do the install shuffle. The install shuffle is when you install a program on a pseudo-supported OS. Ubuntu falls under the pseudo-supported OS list for Oracle. What this means is that while you can get Oracle running on Ubuntu, don't count on Oracle for support. This means you need to have good Google or Bing skill to locate articles on why a particular subroutine or set of programs won't link.

Right now I am dealing with undefined issues with routines in PL/SQL libraries. I will keep you posted on my status.

Recently I was moved from FlashSystems/Oracle work into Financial Systems/ Blockchain/ FlashSystems/Oracle work. Loads to learn. I will be attending ETHDenver, an Etherium hackathon. Something tells me I will be one of the oldest in the room at most of the meetings.

I have submitted presentations for the IBM series of Technical Universities in Cairo, Dubai, Brazil, London and Orlando. If they are accepted I will be very busy in the March/April time frame. My paper was turned down for Collaborate so I guess I will be a booth bunny.

That is the news that is fit to print, see you around the blog sphere!