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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Call me Abused

Just finished doing a RAC class on Oracle9i RAC. During the class we installed Oracle RAC. Let me tell you, installing RAC on Oracle9i, version is not the funnest thing I have done in a long time. Feel like a horse that was rode hard and put down wet. When I first started working with 9i and RAC the install was a bit convoluted. However, it has gotten much worse! Between missing directories, missing links, needing to install the universal installer, having the universal installer mess up the JRE, well, you ge the picture.

Compared to this "terminal" 9i release, 10g RAC install is a snap. But enough about that. Some comments on classrooms. Always teach from the front, it allows eye contact and allows you to see the expressions on the classes faces. I have had to teach three times from the back of a room, in each case I left feeling that I didn't do a good job, usually, so did the class. Eye contact and being able to see if the class understands key points is critical to good teaching.

Also, if the class uses software, such as RAC, make sure it is up and running before the class begins (unless the major part of the class is the install). The other times I have felt that the class got less from the class then they should have when I had to wrestle with a balky install. No matter why the software doesn't install, be it poor documentation, bugs or just bad karma, this will rub off on the classes opinion of your expertise.

A final observation, try to reduce any powerpoint slides to just talking points and needed diagrams. If you have a whiteboard, use it. Classes like the hands-on approach. As tempting as it is sometimes, especially when facing outside issues such as a balky install, don't just read the slides! I find myself falling into the trap when I have not had sufficient time to prepare for the class (it usually takes 4-6 hours per hour of class time to prepare materials.) Usually this means I put too much on the slides. By just putting bullet points for the topics on the slides, you can avoid this trap.

Well, that is all for now, talk to you later.


john hurley said...

Not sure what platform you are talking about. 9206 RAC install on hpux is mildly interesting but not a big problem.

Maybe linux has more issues? Doesn't seem like oracle is paying as much attention to testing patchsets as they might.

What are you talking about with the horse remark?

Mike said...

Just that it is an old saying "I feel like a horse that has been rode hard and put down wet" when you ride a horse hard you are supposed to walk them around a bit to cool them down then rub them down. If you don't it can lead to problems, so the expression has come to mean you feel exhausted. Yes, I believe this is just a Linux related issue.