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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A New Job

Well, on August 1, 2006 I started a new job. I am now an Oracle Specialist for Quest Software. The grind of 1099 consulting just got to be a bit much and the uncertainties of 1099 payments a bit wearing. So I will still be working head and shoulders deep in Oracle technology and still putting up Oracle tips and discoveries I just won’t be traveling as a consultant.

According to those folks who specialize in such things a job change can be as stressful as a death in the family. I prefer to think of it as a birth of new possibilities, adventures and opportunities. Much of the job will be learning what the Quest tools do verses those provided by Oracle and other Oracle tool vendors, a lot of experimenting, working with databases, writing white papers and tech sheets and just raw learning. All of the above I enjoy immensely when I have the time to do them and that is supposed to be built into this position.

For those who have a feature they just want to see added to Quest tools, something that just annoys them about an existing tool or any other constructive suggestions for the Oracle (or non-Oracle) quest toolset, send it in to me (mike.ault@quest.com) and I’ll see to it that it gets to the right person to take action.

I will miss some of the consulting work, the fun of helping folks get the most out of Oracle, the thrill of chasing down that illusive performance issue and the joy of teaching Oracle technologies such as real application clusters to folks in the field. However, there may still be a bit of that going on so it isn’t a complete sea change.

So it is time for the next chapter in my life and time to close the previous one. For those of you who I got to work with or for during the consulting period, thanks for the interesting assignments and work, and yes, I am still available by emails for questions. Hopefully in this next phase of work I will be able to help even more folks learn about Oracle and share even more Oracle knowledge than before.

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Noons said...

All the best for the new job, Mike. It'll be fun learning all that new stuff from Quest!
Going through a similar situation here myself: about to switch as well.

Mike said...

Thanks Noons! I may get down your way with this job, be great to have a drink with you!


sedwardba said...

Best wishes on your new job! I'm sure that you will be able to make a positive impact at Quest. Especially, because you know of the headaches that Oracle DBAs face in the field.

David Aldridge said...

I'd be applying for your old role at BC myself, Mike, but that the public wearing of wet suits appears to be a condition of employment there, and with all due respect to the BC team I fear that I would not make a good impression in that regard. :D

Also there's the nose-hair issue. Moving along ... I sympathise with the whole 1099 thing. It's not as stress free as it might otherwise be.

Are you doing some afterhours moonlighting for BC still? You seem to be still listed for-hire there, or is that just a webpage-not-updated-yet issue?

Richard said...

Are you still working with Don?

Mike said...

Not at the current time, but may do some things with him in the future.

Richard said...

TOAD: An idiot-proof interface to RMAN would be magic! I have found that certain 3rd Party MML tools are woefully function-poor, so a TOAD interface with all the bells-and-whistles available would be VERY useful.

Mike said...

We will be coming out with LiteSpeed for Oracle which will be just that in First quarter '07, want to be on the beta?


Richard said...

LiteSpeed - is it faster then RMAN? Also, how's it compare to Oracle's new Secure Backup?

Secure Backup is rather inexpensive, plus it encrypts the backup-set, and it's an MML.

Mind you, I've not actually used Secure Backup, yet.

Mike said...

Yes, it is faster and compresses the output as well as doing encryption.


Richard said...

Beta testing - yes please!