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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Help! I'm Writing and Can't Stop!

Things have a way of taking on a life of their own. At one time I had a life, I really did. I camped with my kids, did some hunting with my buddies, went on fishing trips, I even spent quiet nights at home with the wife on occasion. I had a dream of writing fiction, even had a couple of short stories published in some regional magazines and had a few rejection slips from my novels. Then I began writing technical.

It started out with just an article now and then, free stuff to magazines like Radiation protection Management. Then I started getting paid for doing product reviews and for documenting things I had done with Oracle and the long slippery side into writing servitude began. Before I knew it I was writing books, I had no weekends, I did no camping, hunting or fishing. I carried a laptop with me everywhere and snuck in a few words whenever I could. I was even writing at work!

Soon I was doing articles, presentations, books and now blogs (I have 3 of them including this one) I can't sit down and feel comfortable without having a laptop in my lap, my hands curl naturally into writing position (or is it arthritis from too much writing?)

I was pulled over the other day, the officer said I was driving erratically, I explained about a deadline and how I had to finish an article, he saw the laptop sitting beside me, how embarrassing, he let me go with a warning and plea that I get help.

I checked my resume, 7 pages of writing credits, this has got to stop I told myself. Is there a 12 step program for writers? "Hello, I am Mike and I am a writer...."


Jen said...


This is Jen Miner from Suite 101 here. Since we can't start discussions for CWs over there (yet), I found this blog through your bio and decided to drop you a note here.

I really enjoyed your scuba fins article; informative, funny, and geekified = pure joy. It's great to have you writing at Suite now. Since you have some friendly readers here - judging from the comment on your preceding blog entry - you might like to add links to your better Suite efforts to this blog. That way, they can find you without all that time spent on more pain-in-the-neck promo efforts. Because you're right; you ARE a write, and a really good one. No 12 Steps necessary! :)

Ben Prusinski said...

I guess there can always be too much of a good thing when it comes to writing and work. I myself, have stumbled upon the slipper slope of writing as I work on my first Oracle book. Its amazing how true this is. I also used to have a life before I started work on the book. Now I carry my laptop with me just about everywhere. Its weird.

-Ben Prusinski

Mike said...


I added the link as instructed on the page, you just need to scroll down a bit to get to it.


Go back! Don't start! Give up hope all that press enter here....

welcome to the ranks of writers...good luck!