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Friday, May 04, 2007


I had the opportunity to spend some time in Tokyo, Japan on business recently. I found the people to be freindly and very business oriented. Of course you must wear a suit and tie for any business there luckily I still have a couple. No doubt you have also heard about their business card ceremony.

In Japan you must have a bunch of business cards with you. Each contact you make will present you his card, writing facing you. You take it, carefully examine both sides and place it somewhere safe, you then hand him your card in the same way. You never write on their cards or treat them with disrespect as the card represents the person.

While I was there I noticed a definate disparity between the generations, maybe more than we see anywhere else, here is a shot I took which probably best exemplifies what I mean:

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The youth in Japan seem to be rebelling in dress and mannerisms, I hate to see this happen as I think the culture of respect for others and the concept of "face" are very valuable and I wish more folks ascribed to them.

Of course there is still beauty all over Japan, even in the middle of downtown Tokyo:

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If you get a chance, I do suggest a trip to Japan.



Ben Prusinski said...

Hi Mike,

Yes, Japan is wonderful. I spent almost 2 years in Asia mostly in South Korea, Japan and Singapore. The traditional Japanese culture is marvelous and I sure wish the future generation would retain it as it teaches great virtue and creates a peaceful happy society. We have a global pandemic of narcissism that is poison the minds of people.

Here in America, we sure could learn a lot about life and harmony to apply from the far east! Not to mention Japanese food is healthy and delicious- especially sashimi and green tea. That and martial arts are most excellent!

Doing Business in Japan? said...

Hi Mike

I like your blog. Interesting reading and beautiful photos. What more could one want!

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Keep up the good work on the blog!