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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Clue

I read with great interest the latest "Plan" to cut federal spending. You can look at it here The biggest suggestions are to cut programs that do the most good, Social Security and Medicare and about the only real tax break most of us have going for us, the interest on our home loans.

Let's see, cut COL increases for retirees, cause further cutbacks in a medical system that will see significant decrease in services already due to Obamacare (or is that Obamanation?), kill the housing market completely. Sounds like a plan to me! What planet are these idiots from?

I have paid into social security since 1973. I have paid the maximum into it each year since around 1990 and now they say they may cut what I get back out of it if I am considered "well off" whatever that means. Also they are talking of raising the retirement age to those born after 1960 to 69 or 70. This coming from folks who get full retirement after 4-6 years of "public service".

Remember all this in 2012.


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barb said...

hey, Mike, hate to tell you, but according to the "update" I got from the SS, they've already cut the ss. benefits....last year, it said when I retire, I'd get $949/month....got a new one two days ago, says I'll get $756/mo. By the time I reach retirement age, I MIGHT end up having to pay in more, just to get back to the "plus" side....