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Thursday, April 09, 2015

This Week

Just finished attending SNIA-DSI conference in Santa Clara, California. Next week it is off to IOUG Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas. So a busy time. I was able to attend several presentations about flash, testing and futures. I also was able to visit Calypso who makes a great testing platform for SSDs and flash, if you have SSDs or flash to test, I suggest you look them up(https://calypsotesters.com/).

I presented to day on implementing IDC testing guidelines using VDBench. Unfortunately since I was in the last time slot on the last day I only had a few attendees but they asked many questions and seemed to enjoy the presentation.

Tomorrow evening I am attending an open house at All Power Labs (http://www.allpowerlabs.com/) who knows, if I like what I see I may contact a unit for my retirement home. They manufacture a 20 KW biomass fueled gasifier that power a generator. I looked at a 15-20KW solar option but it is very pricey at $80k (with batteries).

Well, that is about all for now.

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