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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ad Nauseum

Ad Nauseum, an interesting term. Usually used to indicate that a subject has continued beyond its useful lifetime. Several experts seem to want to continue on such subjects as index rebuilding, clustering factor discussions and updating data dictionary tables ad nauseum. I for one find it odd they have so much free time. Perhaps I should be complemented they feel this drive to snap at my heals so much.

Note to Oracle: Perhaps you should find more for your experts to do, they seem to be caught in a rut.

I have stated my opinions on the subjects of indexes, clustering factors and data dictionary tables. I see no need to reiterate them. I have recanted incorrect advice I have given in the past. It is time to move on. Aren't there more interesting topics? Or perhaps they find, rather like Pro Wrestling draws a number of viewers, a good bash fest draws in more readers. I guess that is what happens when there is no technical content they can present as their own.

Learning is an iterative process, and during that time mistakes can and will be made. However if every time someone makes a misstatement or an error we bash them about the head and shoulders and then remind them of their past mistakes at every opportunity, they will soon cease learning altogether. Makes me wonder how these other experts treat their co-workers and clients, if they berate them at every opportunity it is no wonder they have so much free time.

As for me, I have too much to do to worry overmuch about what tripe they are currently dishing up, in fact, I plan not to respond to them any longer as I am reminded of an old country saying:

"It does no good to get down in the mud and wrestle with pigs, you can't win and the pigs enjoy it."

So I shall spend my time working for my clients, researching and documenting Oracle behaviors, tips and techniques and acquiring new skills. Perhaps if these other experts would spend as much energy on putting out new material as they do circling the same issues over and over we would all benefit.


Bob B said...

What was the purpose of this post? My intent behind the question is good-natured and does not have any malice intended.

I see two possibilities.

One is to vent. Sometimes the things we see or hear bother us and over time we need to let it all out. A personal blog is definitely a good place to do so.

The other possibility is to somehow en-noble (that isn't a word, but I hope its understandable) yourself. An "I'm better than the people I'm about to talk about because I have taken the high road and am not doing this, that, and the other thing.".

While I would like to think it was a vent, the connotations throughout were that of malicious self-promoting. Abusing the reputation of others (even anonymously) to make yourself seem better in comparison.

Mike said...

Actually none of the above. I am simply stating that many of the experts keep circling the same issues that have been put to bed. It is more in the line of let's get on with more important things. I go to other sites and they are stiring up the same crap over and over again like they can't move on. A big waste of energy and time. This was my attempt to say I am not playing that game anymore.

Am I better or worse than they are? That s for time and others to judge, I am just trying to get out of the rut they have built and get on to more important topics.

Bob B said...

I'm glad my message came across correctly. Thanks for the response!

djb said...

Mike, I've been following the debates for some time now. I fail to see the point of this post. This post is by far the most un-professional writeup yet. You make it sound like these other guys (and I'm sure you are mostly directing this at Tom) don't have anything to do.
The things that Tom posts have personally helped me in my career in a huge way. I frankly don't understand the hostility...

Arangaperumal said...

Ad Nauseum

"It does no good to get down in the mud and wrestle with pigs, you can't win and the pigs enjoy it."

Standing By

....but not in a public forum where it could humiliate or embarrass them.

could you identify the contradiction. It is not wrong to change our mistakes.

Mike said...

My observation is that many folks, not singling out anyone, are spending considerable time and energy on issues which are done with. It seems when they can't find something new, they dig out old worries and flog them.

Perhaps some postes should look to the purpose of BLOGs...they are online diaries basically. As my page says, my thoughts , about Oracle and non-Oracle topics.

As I have said before, I don't always agree with Tom, but I do try to respect him as he is out there helping folks for the most part. Some others seem to spend a majority of their time tearing others down rather than providing new material.

I would never premise a presentation with how I was going to basically ridicule anothers work. I try not to use names, but when those folks use mine with gay abandon I am forced to retaliate.