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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Selling (Or: How to Self Toot)

My wife tells me I couldn't sell myself if I was an umbrella in a thunderstorm. I guess I don't like to toot my own horn much, which makes it difficult to sell things like consulting time and books. I see some of these folks out there figuratively tooting their heads off and I just do not see myself very comfortable doing that. I guess I expect too much out of my work and word of mouth.

I assume at least in the Oracle space that folks have heard my name, seen my books or heard me speak at a conference or on a webcast. Usually this is true, in the Oracle space I have a bit of a shadow, not as much as Tom Kyte or Jonathan Lewis or several others I can think of, but at least many folks in the Oracle Database realm know who I am. But what about in other areas?

I am a fiction writer (of course some would argue that they knew this from my Oracle writings, but let's not go there!) and have three books out there right now, you can see links on the link list on this blog. I also do photography, there is a link off of my website showing some of my work. And, last but not least, I have begun to dabble in handmade jewelry, I also have a link form my website as well as one over on the links list. So I am not just an Oracle person, I have other interests! Unfortunately most people don't realize my other interests exist because of my lack of ability at self tooting....

I guess I need to start tooting a bit more, so if you are reading this you have been officially tooted about my other activities (so if my wife asks please tell her!) Anyway, enjoy the numerous articles, recipes, short stories and such that I have published along with the photographs I have taken while you are gazing i rapture at the jewelry I create (was that a bit over the top?) Anyway, now you know, I am not just a one trick pony...

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Ben Prusinski said...


Sales is also a weak point of mine that I work on as well. Most techies are left brain and not sales people. My new publisher is doing a nice job marketing the new 11g RAC book (PACKT Press) and I am building on sales skills to get some new work. I guess sales is like one of those things you have to get out there and do and be able to face tons of rejection and people saying "No" to get to a "Yes"