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Friday, August 29, 2014

A Friday at Bradley International

Well, sitting here in Poughkeepsie waiting on my flight back to Atlanta. Asfar as the proof of concept I was here for, let me give you one take-away, when Oracle says put the RAT clients on a different server, they mean it! Of course it didn't help that the client was testing 24 databases simultaneously on the same Power8 box...
Anyway, John with the IBM lab and I convinced them to move RAT to its own server and things are now going great. 
I decided I better put down on paper what I need to do for the home lab:
Action Plan for Lab Set up
  1. Convert files to disk images on DVD
  2. Cable up systems
    1. Interconnet
                                                               i.      2-1 GB Ethernet cables and switch

    1. Network
                                                               i.      2-1 GB ethernet cables for servers

                                                             ii.      1 cable for SAN

                                                            iii.      1 Cable for Storage Switch

                                                           iv.      1 GB Ethernet switch

                                                             v.      1 wifi switch for remote access (2nd floor office to basement lab)

    1. SAN
                                                               i.      Install 4-4 GB HBAs (2 per server installed)

                                                             ii.      Install 6-4 GB FC optical cables between components and Switch

1.       2 for SAN

2.       2 for each server

                                                            iii.      4 GB switch setup

1.       Zone SAN and servers

    1. Install OS
                                                               i.      Install Oracle enterprise Linux on each server

                                                             ii.      Locate and install any needed drivers for HBA, monitor, etc.

                                                            iii.      Implement multipathing to SAN

    1. Install Oracle12c
                                                               i.      Install grid software

                                                             ii.      Install RAC software

                                                            iii.      Create database

    1. Download SLOB and/or Swingbench and install
    2. Create and load databases
Trying to keep it simple to allow for some flexibility.

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