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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Lab status

Well, I have all the equipment, power cords and Ethernet cords. I am waiting on some Fibre channel cables that should arrive by Tuesday at the latest. I purchased a WiFi Ethernet switch so I can connect to the system form my loft office without having to go all the way downstars. I salvaged my KVM switch and cables along with the power cords, Ethernet switches and touchpad keyboard and monitor from my old lab. Should get the system mostly wired and cables on Friday night and be able to start loading the OS on Monday with any luck, then begins the joy of loading Oracle12c! I have a line on a couple of FusionIO 190 gb cards I made an offer on them, we will see if they will give them up. I offered $175 apiece for them since I have no idea how many PE cycles they have on them. I figure to use the FusionIO cards as flash cache for the RAC instances since it won’t be shared storage.
I am at the Atlantsa airport waiting on a flight to Poughkeepsie where I will be helping on a proof of concept tomorrow, it is about boarding time so I will keep this entry short.

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