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Friday, February 05, 2010

Loading in Oracle

Well, in the past several weeks I have done some interesting tests in loading in Oracle. It seems there is something inside Oracle itself that is limiting the amount of data that an be loaded through a single instance in a given time frame. About the best numbers for a single instance, parallel DML or not, was between 70-100 megabytes per second.

Now using RAC and going with multiple instances I was able to increase that number as a factor of the number of nodes. However that seems to be a very complex method.

So, anyone out there have some good tips for loading data quickly into Oracle? Currently I am going from a memory cache (filesystem) using external tables directly into an internal table, use of APPEND made no difference since the table is new.

Eventually I would use the table to do a partition swap as soon as the table reaches a specific size and start a new table loading. For right now I just have to maximize the load speed going from an external table to an internal one.

Anyway, I will post more information as I find more.


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