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Friday, February 19, 2010

Making the Best of Both Worlds

Well I just got back from RMOUG and week-after-next am off to SEOUC in Charlotte. While I was at RMOUG I spoke about Tier zero usage and our new proposed architecture known as OPERA. Now OPERA stands for Oracle Performance Enhancing RamSan Architecture but it might as well be OpenSource database Performance Enhancing Architecture or Omni-Performance Enhancing Architecture (sorry, I can't find a way to tie in SQL Server to this but, it would also benefit from the architecture!).

Why am I so enthusiastic about this new architecture? In tests, by only switching on this architecture in an existing structure we were able to achieve a 9-10 times performance improvement. Time to execute a test run of 2,000,000 SQL statements dropped from 12 minutes to 1.3 minutes. Latency dropped from 13 ms to less than 1 ms. Here is a link to the entire paper describing this architecture:


While the paper describes an Oracle based architecture, the concepts it describes could be used for any read-intensive application with the use of a disk management system that allows preferred-read mirrors to be utilized.

of course the beauty of this architecture is that it makes use of and accelerates your existing IO subsystem without any changes to the tables and indexes or your application.


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