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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready for Day 2 of RMOUG

Well, here it is 5:30 AM local time and I am wide awake. Of course it is 7:30 am back in Atlanta and my body insists I be up. Today I present: "The Ultimate Oracle Architecture: OPERA", a pape about "Oracle Performance Enhancing RamSan Architecture" OPERA for short. I thought I should make that clear since someone asked if Opera the web browser was really the best architecture for Oracle...

Of course in this more generic version of the paper I have reworked the OPERA acronym into "Oracle Performance Enhancing Reliable Architecture" an removed specific references to the RamSan-620 (other than in the pictures) to be able to give this great presentation and not come across as an advertisement which of course is a no-no at almost all Oracle conferences unless you are doing an allowed and sanctioned product presentation. Fear not, whether the paper uses RamSan or SSD the architecture it espouses is just as valid and performance enhancing!

In speaking with some of my contacts here I found out something interesting for you MySQL folks out there. MySQL as it sits right now can only properly utilize about 4 CPUs before not so good things start happening. Well, there should be a new release soon that will properly handle up to 32 CPUs. Looks like Oracle is keeping their word not to interfer with the further advancement of MySQL in the OpenSource environemnt.

Well, I have to pack and then do the normal morning duties so I can meet Lee Miles for breakfast at 6:50 (the showroom floor opens at 07:30) so that is all for now.

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